French elections, Emmanuel Macron re-elected president:

French elections, Macron re-elected president

The outgoing president Emmanuel Macron was re-elected president of France: in the second round of the French presidential elections he obtained 58.2% of the votes against the right-wing leader Marine Le Pen, standing at 41.8% according to the first projections of public TV France 2. “Thank you friends: the majority of French people have chosen to trust me for five years to come,” he said at Campo di Marte, at the foot of the Eiffel Tower. “Many voted for me to block the extreme right, I am grateful to them for their sense of duty. But we will also have to respond to those who have chosen silence by abstaining and find an answer to the anger of those who have chosen the far right “, he added, promising to want to be” the president of all “, even of those who had voted for his he opponent.

Portrait officiel d’Emmanuel Macron Photo Courtesy Palais de L’Elysee Web


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