The 19th Monte-Carlo Film Festival de la Comédie, the event conceived and chaired by Ezio Greggio, scheduled from 25 to 30 April 2022 in the Principality of Monaco, ends with enormous success.Here comes the verdict of the Jury composed of Paul Haggis (President), Tom Leeb, Clara Ponsot, and Pierpaolo Spollon.Canadian film Babysitter won two awards, winning Best Picture and Best Actor to Steve Laplante.

The best direction goes to the Spanish Dani De la Orden for Mamá o papa, a film that also won the Best Actress award to Miren Ibarguren.The Special Jury Award for an outstanding first feature film goes to the Danish film Miss Viborg.The Monte-Carlo Film Festival Jury awarded Odd-Magnus Williamson for Best Screenwriting with Nothing to Laugh About.The Audience Award goes to the Italian film A Breath of Air directed by Alessio Lauria.Finally, the Short Comedy Award in the section dedicated to short films goes to the Kenyan film A guide to dining out in Nairobi. Photo Gigi Iorio/News Press


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