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Being a a Press Agency (News Press News & Pictures ) has an international reputation as a source of images and functionality for the media around the world.News Press has offices in London, Paris, Cannes, New York and Los Angeles and partner agencies in over 20 countries. Every day we collect many new images from suppliers all over the world and provide them to professional clients in all media sectors.
With over 20 years in business, News Press is known for its range and depth of images – whether it’s personality, news and features, lifestyle, fashion, music, an excellent and personalized service has ensured an invaluable customer loyalty, but it is the quality of our images that sees our work used every day on all multimedia platforms.In the unlikely event you can not find it online, we have a rich archive. Our friendly and knowledgeable researchers will be happy to help you find just the image you need.
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289.Rue De Faubourg- Saint Antoine Paris (France)
116 Gloucester Road Kensington London SW7 4PG ( UK)

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